Dunes, as well as nearby lakes, stand out for their natural beauty. The walk to “Pedra Furada”, Jeri’s postcard, is an absolute must: the route offers a beautiful trek and a flush of life and energy.

Dunes, Buggies, horse riding and quad driving are amongst all the best attractions. The sunshine on the dune is unforgettable. Tourists “climb” the dune to admire the end of the day, overwhelmed by a beautiful natural overview of the sea.

Moreover, Jericoacoara offers bars and charming restaurants; thankfully to the international atmosphere of the place, Jeri offers a wide choice of the world’s best food.

Activities include: long and short walks, dune buggy tours, lake visiting, breathtaking sunshine and horse riding. The place is also very famous for its water sports: kite surfing, surfing and Stand Up Paddle (SUP) are only some of the wide variety of activities. Jericoacoara is one of the world’s best places for wind sports: constant wind permits visitors to practice all year long. The village is full of instructors and professional tutors that are able to offer their lessons to all sorts of athletes: beginners, intermediates and experts.

Yoga, Pilates and Capoeira dance (Brazilian fighting dance) are also practiced here. Every day, after the traditional sunshine, you’ll be able to assist at one of the various “roda de capoeira” shows on the beach, which adds on to the beautiful atmosphere.